Asked Questions

For Staffing Agencies

Can gigRonin integrate with an HRIS or ATS?

The gigRonin platform can bi-directionally feed many types of third-party software for the purpose of curating the worker pool, skills, time management etc. Our technology enhances the other software used to run your business.

Can gigRonin enhance worker retention?

Job history, ratings and badges earned by your workers are viewed as an investment to be maintained. Since this social currency is not applicable outside of the platform workers are less likely to start over again with another staffing company.

How does the gigRonin platform enhance quality control?

In the traditional staffing business model, obtaining feedback requires time intensive processes like surveys, e-mail and follow-up phone calls. In comparison, feedback through the gigRonin platform is integrated and captured in real time and becomes carried forward to workers’ future assignments, identifying and rewarding top performers with additional opportunities.

What staffing related transaction data gets captured?

Information regarding the clients’ acquisition of workers, time collection history for payroll and invoicing, post staffing utilization feedback, and other important data is obtained by the system and easily feeds to other software utilized by your operations.

How does the gigRonin platform streamline operations?

Staffing companies that utilize gigRonin no longer have to manually search for matching workers or spend time calling/texting to see who is available. This saves you and your clients time and resources.

How does a staffing platform help my business grow?

gigRonin helps your business easily layer in new types of interactions by allowing seamless acquisition of new workers, worksites and industries. With gigRonin, you’ll gain a technological advantage in your recruiting process:

  • Visible: Increase your digital presence with an app-based platform, letting applicants find you at any time
  • Integrated: Connect gigRonin to your existing infrastructure to provide a seamless recruitment process

This reduction of organizational inertia and eliminating “doing things the way we have always done it” results in lower costs and greater scalability.

How can gigRonin help optimize your business during Covid-19

The gigRonin platform helps your clients efficiently schedule during unprecedented times. Absenteeism is projected to increase by 60% due to Covid-19. As a result, your clients will need to quickly react to callouts and absences at any time.

Additionally, you will need to be able to react to the same increase in absenteeism to ensure your delivering your clients the workers they need. Reduce no-show rates with a dynamic scheduling platform.

For Workers

What do we do?

Our mission is to reimagine the art of deploying labor in organizations with complex scheduling needs via an easy to use technology ecosystem. When Employers or Staffing Agencies broadcast opportunities, you’ll get a notification immediately to your phone with a full details of the opportunity.

  • Quick Access Anywhere
  • View Your Scheduled Shifts
  • Apply for Open Shifts
  • Set Personal Goals
What Industries are we specialized in?

Our platform is built industry agnostic to meet the needs of any employer or agency.

How can I start using gigRonin for my job?

Let your Employer or Staffing Agency know about us! We’re here to answer any questions they may have about implementing our platform into their organization. Our dynamic platform will benefit both you and them!